Mosaic (a): composed of a combination of different elements.

Mosaic Strategy Partners is a team of seasoned advocacy, political and communications specialists using disparate data to create a clear strategy for clients most difficult challenges.

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We apply a unique three-pronged approach to all our clients; the foundation element of our data resources with the art and science of strategy, while using targeted communication to align your message with time and audience.

DBE; MWBE; SBE; Certified; TxDot Public Involvement Certified vendor

Brooke Goggans


Brooke is the firm communications expert, informing the data, the messaging and the outreach strategies used to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time.

Brooke has spent her career at the intersection of politics and communication, starting her career at the United States Senate and migrating to the private sector where, for the last 13 years, she has managed public involvement campaigns mostly for large-scale infrastructure projects in Massachusetts and Texas representing transportation, real estate, utility and land use clients. 

Tom Stallings


Tom is the firm strategist, providing a mix of anticipatory vision, acute political sense and pragmatic implementation for all Mosaic Strategy Partners clients.

Tom has spent his career in politics. The former Chief of Staff for Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, the chief elected officer of Tarrant County, Tom also served as Chief of Staff in the United States House of Representatives and Senior Policy Advisor on the issues of energy, environment, technology, telecommunications, trade and transportation in the United States Senate.


The foundation of effective communication is aligning message with time and audience. We use data and technology tools to inform message development and strategy, ensuring stakeholders have access to timely, valuable information to promote, mitigate or invoke conversation. We believe effective communication is swift, direct, relevant and honest.


We believe strategy is both art and science. In today’s fast paced environment, effective strategies are fact-based, data-infused and nimble. We marry these modern approaches with traditional, acute and experienced knowledge of the market or industry, architecting the most effective plans of action to designed to get results.


We believe success is deliberate. Using a variety of data resources, we provide data-based strategies and counsel, leaving nothing to chance.

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Our team has over 40 years of experience in public policy, public engagement, government relations, communications and strategy experience— development, implementation and execution from Washington, D.C. to Austin and Fort Worth. Meet our founders.

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Learn more about our firm, our work, partnerships and our team.

more about Mosaic


Learn more about our firm, our work, partnerships and our team.


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